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Deus Ex Family


Trades most popular, large companies and ETFs. These are usually high-volume stocks that are easy to get in and out of. Most are optionable and may be great for experimenting with options.

Example Symbols:



Trades all 15000+ stocks, which mostly include illiquid and penny stocks. Many may be difficult to trade due to low volume, while occasionally exploding (or imploding) in price. Great for experimenting with penny stocks, though can be very dangerous!

Example Symbols:



Trades fast moving, leveraged ETFs that are based on commodities like oil, natural gas, gold and silver; as well as based on industry sectors, such as tech, biotech, banking, etc. Current version 'Spartacus Precisus' is very precise, winning small $amounts 90% of the time, though occasional losses can be large and painful.

This strategy is in development


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Most powerful within the family of Trading Gods. Trades volatility stocks/ETFs that are based on VIX volatility index , which in turn is loosely based on pricing of insurance against market downturns. Not easy to understand or trade, but offering enormous profit potential. Currently only long strategy is enabled.

   TVIX Long strategy


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*Annual returns are raw/unhedged and based on historical/tested performance, which may differ from future results. Annual returns also depend on position size that defines undertaken risk. Certain trading strategies and excessive position sizing may be exposed to risk of total loss of capital.
**All strategies/algorithms and trades are experimental until announced otherwise.